The Mission of our Adult Enrichment Committee
Rabbi Yose quote Pirke Avot/Wisdom of the Sages 2:17Discipline yourself in Torah for it is not born within you (we don’t get uploaded with Jewish software at birth!) We have to start somewhere. We can emulate Rabbi Akiva, who was one of the greatest of sages. He was illiterate, unable to even read until the age of 40. One day during his work as a stone cutter he saw the path to his own learning. If water can break down stone one drop at a time, I can learn even if it is only one fact, one piece of knowledge one insight at a time. At Temple Beth Shalom we have formal classes, learning in the midst of Shabbat and holidays events, speakers/artists and many other learning opportunities for adults as individuals and as part of a group. You are invited to learn and grow and wrestle with meaning, knowledge and wisdom.


We have regular monthly classes: Coffee and Kibbitz, Shabbat Morning Torah Study, Treasure Coast Jewish Film Festival.  See the Calendar for more information.