Jewish Concept Garden: Pollinator Garden

While walking our campus, I found myself in one of our pollinator gardens. There is one plant, a climbing aster plant, that blooms in this season and always catches my attention. Not only for it’s beautiful blooms, but because the bees love it. I catch glimpses of motion as so many bees, wasps and assorted flying creatures zoom in and out, stopping only for a brief moment on the flowers. Even in that quick pause, these insects carry out vital Avodah (sacred work) in our world. As they drink the nectar to nourish themselves, they pick up and deposit pollen to help these plants with their cycle of life. Witnessing this complex of activity, I am appreciative of the relationship between flowers and pollinators. I glory in my opportunities to share sweetness and sustenance. When we emulate the work of pollinators, we become Malachim, angels, connecting people and places in powerful ways.  When we bring people together, when we deliver a crucial bit of information, or share a spark of vital energy, it may seem insignificant or passing in that moment, but in truth we are building a bridge that increases harmony in our world.