2 Ways to help the people of Ukraine

2 Ways to help the people of Ukraine.

1) From the URJ:  We are living in a time of great anguish and concern about the situation in Ukraine. Of particular concern is situation of our Reform communities and colleagues in that region. These are precarious and dangerous times for our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine, who are dealing with scarcity, chaos, and tremendous uncertainty and fear.  We join together here to ask for your support at this critical time. Our friends at the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) have created a special crisis fund of the WUPJ to provide assistance and much needed aid for the Ukrainian communities. We are asking you to help support these efforts of humanitarian relief, evacuation, relocation, and security. Please give what you can, and please help spread the information about this fund to your community. http://wupj.org/give/ukraine

We pray for a peace and an end to this conflict, for safety and health for those in the Reform communities in the Ukraine and for all people. Your generous support will turn our prayers and words into meaningful actions. We work and pray for peace always, as we stand together in solidarity as one global Jewish family.


Rabbi Lewis Kamrass, President, CCAR, Rabbi Hara Person, Chief Executive, CCAR

Carole Sterling, Chair, WUPJ,Rabbi Sergio Bergman, President, WUPJ


2) From Richard Bialosky

My cousin Mark Jonathan Harris, who wrote and directed the two Oscar -winning films,  “Into the Arms of Strangers” and “Long Way Home” also wrote and directed this 2017 film about the Ukraine:

Watch Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine | Prime Video (amazon.com)

I didn’t see it when it made a very limited theatrical run some years ago but now that it’s on Amazon I plan to watch it tonight, probably on both sides of the SOTU speech.  I asked Mark if he had any donation suggestions and that follows.

Breaking Point suggests why the Ukrainians are putting up such resistance to the Russians.  I gave money to   United Help Ukraine https://unitedhelpukraine.org/  which was recommended by a close Ukrainian friend of mine.