Hanukah is Happening

Let’s celebrate Hanukah together — all around Indian River County and at Temple Beth Shalom!


Park & Spark: Hanukah Pop-Up Sun 11/28 through Sun 12/5 5:30pm (unless otherwise noted)

We are popping up around town for Hanukah. We will be lighting the menorah, saying the blessings together, and singing Hanukah songs in various locations. Join us for one night, or join us for them all!

Hanukah Celebration & Shining Lights Shabbat Fri 12/3 6:00pm Pre-Service Celebration 7:30pm Service

Join us before Shabbat services as we celebrate the sixth night of Hanukah together. You bring the latkes and your menorah with candles, and we’ll bring the fun with latke sides, dreidel games, and arts and crafts. At 7:30, we will move inside for our Hanukah Shabbat service, featuring the Shalom Singers and our Shining Lights ceremony.
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Light Labyrinth Walk Together Wed 12/1 5:30pm

Join us on the TBS campus as we welcome the fourth night of Hanukah. As we kindle the hanukiyah and remember the miracles of this season, we walk a labyrinth of light to focus our steps and reflect on our journey. It is a simple walk with lots of ways to consider how we move through our world and carry light on our way. Our Hebrew school students and members of the interfaith community will be participating with us.

Welcome to Temple Beth Shalom

a reform Jewish Congregation dedicated to Jewish values of study, worship, and social responsibility

Temple Beth Shalom is a center of Jewish life and activity in Indian River County and the Treasure Coast. Join us on our campus or meet us in the community to empower and express your Jewish identity and sense of connection.

Join Us as We Seek to Enrich Your Life and to Transform Our World

More Ways to Engage

More Ways to Engage

  1. 12 Aug

    Shabbat Evening Service

    7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Next dates: 19 Aug | 26 Aug | 02 Sep |
  2. 13 Aug
  3. 15 Aug

    TBS Board of Trustees Meeting

    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  4. 16 Aug

    12pm pickering at mama hue

    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

COVID-19 Safety Policy

Updated 5/18/2022

UPDATE 5/18/2022: As we witness an increase in community spread of Covid 19, the TBS Board of Trustees is encouraging those who attend events or services with 5 or more people to wear masks. As a reminder if you are sick please attend our services or programs by Zoom. We endeavor to be as safe as possible even as we continue to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

On campus and TBS activities and events, masks are optional for all fully vaccinated attendees. Medical experts continue to assert that masks greatly mitigate our risks of contracting and/or spreading COVID19 and we encourage anyone who wants to wear a mask to still do so.

If you test positive for COVID19, we ask that you not come to our building for ten days from the day you test positive.
If you have been exposed to someone with COVID but have not tested positive yourself, we ask that you wear a mask at all times at TBS and take a COVID test on day five of your exposure to make sure you remain negative.
This is also a good time to remind you that for any and all respiratory illnesses we ask that you please stay home.
As the weather continues to get warmer, as we are no longer requiring masks, we will now be able to eat inside when necessary.

If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 safety policy, please contact contact our office 772-569-4700 or email tbsoffice@tbsvero.org.

From the Union For Reform Judaism / Reform Movement

Why Pray?

Why Pray? jemerman August 11, 2022

The reality is, one never knows whether someone else is suffering from an acute illness. A broken leg is obvious; a broken spirit, not so much. Many of us contend with invisible illnesses, whether physical, such as Multiple Sclerosis or chronic migraines; or mental, like anxiety or schizophrenia.

The Blessings of Adult Education: Far More than Knowledge

The Blessings of Adult Education: Far More than Knowledge sdolgov August 9, 2022

Lifelong learning, however, can be easier said than done. For many, as they enter adulthood, with its competing demands and obligations, setting aside time for learning – and especially for Jewish learning – can be challenging indeed.

One of the Greatest Love Stories of My Life

One of the Greatest Love Stories of My Life sdolgov August 9, 2022

On this Tu B’Av, may we all seek out those people who are on our team through despair and delight, who can forgive and seek forgiveness, who see us for who we truly are and support us on the journey to becoming whoever we will someday be. And if your Valentine’s Day candy stash has run out, send those you love a note of sweetness and gratitude instead. Happy Tu B’Av!

Staying Connected After the B’nei Mitzvah: a Teen’s Perspective

Staying Connected After the B’nei Mitzvah: a Teen’s Perspective jemerman August 8, 2022

A common sentiment among Jewish-affiliated teens seems to be, after your b'nei mitzvah, religious school is over, right? Sure, you might come back for confirmation in a few years, but there's no real reason to stay involved. You're Jewish. You know that, your family knows that, and your friends know that. Staying involved is kind of a waste of time. Right? Actually, no. Even if you've had your b'nei mitzvah, there are benefits to staying involved with your Hebrew School and your religious education.