Vero Beach High School Relay for Life on April 29th

There is now a Temple Beth Shalom team for the Vero Beach High School Relay for Life on April 29th starting at 6 pm.

The theme is fight songs. Given that it is last night of Passover we have chosen:

Dayenu: enough of cancer

We need you to help us to cross through the sea (C-ancer) to a place of hope!

There are lots of ways to help:
• Decorate our Banner – stop by Temple from Shabbat 4\15 until the Relay, to add a name to honor a caregiver or survivor; to remember one who life was taken by cancer or just to blot out “cancer” .
• Sign up to participate by being a walker on the track for our team or by helping to run our booth as we sell Passover goodies to raise money for the American Cancer society. American Cancer Society  click “sign up.”
• Make a donation Make a donation  and click “donate.”
• Make a donation for a luminaria in honor of someone who has died or a pinwheel for a caregiver. Click here for the Luminaria Form   Click here for the Pinwheel form  . There will also be hard copies in our office. You can come in, email or call Rabbi or Trudie.
• Come to Shabbat services at the Temple on April 29th to worship while other folks from our community represent us at Relay.
• Make Pesadich goodies! We don’t have an oneg Shabbat host for 4/29 and we also plan to “sell” Pesach treats (Chocolate covered matzah, matzah cannoli, matzah with awesome spreads, matzah cookies…) at the Relay as a way of raising money for the American Cancer Society. We have a copy of the Matzah 101 cookbook if you need ideas. If you can bake some Passover bake sale/oneg sweet treats or can offer a fun spread for matzah please email or call Rabbi (

Rabbi Michael Birnholz
Temple Beth Shalom