Scroll article May 2020

As I write this Scroll article, we are in the 4th week of our self -quarantine during this Covid19 crisis. We have all had to get used to living a different kind of life than we were accustomed to. For many of us, staying cooped up in the house for weeks has been very difficult, but we all know it is the only way to stop passing this virus to others. Hopefully when we come out the other side of this mess, we can all go back to some kind of normal, whatever that will be.
During this time of isolation, we have taken steps at TBS to bring services and programs to you on your computer or tablet via Zoom. We hope these programs will help you feel more connected to our Temple family. For those of you that have joined us via Zoom, I can tell you how good it feels to see each other and converse before the events begin. This not only gives us a feeling of being together, but the chance to see each other’s faces.
Some of our scheduled programs had to be cancelled or rescheduled that we could not do via internet, and some, such as services, could be done each week. In spite of all this, there is a sunny side to this as well. Our Friday Shabbat services, our Torah studies and the Curious classes have been better attended than when we had them live. For some of our congregation it is easier to attend from their homes than it is coming out. There really is something for everyone, and we are in the processing of discussing how to use them both. As we have more information, we will send it out.
Our Caring Committee has been reaching out to members just to check and see if everyone is doing alright. If anyone has any needs that they cannot handle themselves, please call the Temple office and leave a message. Someone will get back to you and we will try to help out if possible. Please continue to social distance when you must go out, and please stay home if you can, especially if you are not feeling well. This is this only thing that will eventually help get rid of this terrible virus. Good health and good luck to you all.

Best Wishes,
Harold Schwartz