Religious School February 2021 Scroll article

Religious school continues with Sunday Zoom classes on February 7, 21 and 28 and Hebrew school mid-week. As I write this, we are planning a school family field trip to the Environmental Learning Center to celebrate Tu BiShevat – the annual “birthday of the trees” which promises to be an interesting, fun and meaningful program. I look forward to sharing photos with you in next month’s Scroll.

On Tuesday, February 2nd we have the privilege of joining TBS member, Nicole Perez of “A Pinch of This” as she demonstrates the art of making bourekas. Thank you to Nicole who graciously suggested this program and is donating her time and proceeds from this event to our religious school. Your minimum donation of $18 gets you a prime seat on Zoom to enjoy the program. Sign up well in advance to receive the list of ingredients and recipe! Details are in the email updates.
Bourekas (Hebrew: בורקס) are a popular baked pastry in Sephardic Jewish cuisine and Israeli cuisine. Bourekas are made in a wide variety of shapes and a vast selection of fillings, and are typically made with either boureka dough, puff pastry, or phyllo dough depending on the origin of the baker.

Plans are in the works also for our “Sock It to Haman” Purim celebration which will be on TBS campus Sunday, February 21 for school families. We will parade in costumes, explore the megillah, enjoy Purim music and collect socks to donate to those in need. If you would like to add to the donation, please drop off clean, new socks or packages of socks to the Temple office. Socks are one of the most requested items that homeless individuals desire.

Wishing a Fabulous February to all,

Mindy Lessem Pollack
Education Director