Omer Count

Date(s): From 2nd Night of Pesach – 4/5 Until Shavout Eve 5/25

Location: Temple Beth Shalom, Your home using the  TBS Facebook page

During the counting of the Omer this year I present you with opportunities to count and be counted. Can we as a congregation do this count? Not just in our individual homes but in our community’s house. Each day of the Omer will someone come to the Temple during office hours and make our Omer count for that day? Can we, without assignment, have our families or individuals pick a day somewhere in the Omer and come to the Temple so that there is someone coming each of these days to count up to Sinai?  Can we, day to day, over 50 days, move our marker along the Omer Board to show progress of space through time. As the marker moves, we will post a picture to the Temple Beth Shalom Facebook page. Can you, at home, help us reach 50 likes a day?  Can we, this mixed multitude of Jewish people of Temple Beth Shalom each find a day to make our mark – and lift the whole community a little higher?