November Scroll Article

The Men’s Club had a great turnout for the Sukkah construction on September 23rd. Between the color coding effort by Richard Bialosky that considerably eased the assembly, and the palm fronds that Charlie Fox was able to get hold of, the Sukkah want up fast and looked really great when done. Many thanks to all who contributed, including all the folks who did the decorations afterwards. We had 24 RSVP’s for our Shabbat dinner on October 12th, we featured Chicken and Kasha Varnishkes. Thanks to Stu Goldman for heading that up. Our November event is a Beer & Bible on the 28th at the Kilted Mermaid. The December event is changing – Kurt Wallach will deliver a presentation of his latest two books on the Holocaust, “The Killing of the Jews” and “Murder Beyond Madness”, along with parts of his book “Remembering Mark”, about his family’s living and hiding from the Nazis in pre-war Germany. He will also cover his time as a Navy Seal in World War II. In agreement with the Temple Board of Directors, we are opening this presentation to the general public, and we will announce it in the local media. For that reason, we are moving it to 2:00 in the afternoon of Sunday December 16th, and will have it in the Sanctuary to accommodate the expected audience. Obviously this will not involve a breakfast, so we are looking into adding a guest speaker/breakfast event sometime during the Season. We are also looking into some other interesting local tour opportunities. We have also decided to change the February 23rd hockey game from the Panthers in Miami to the SolarBears in Orlando on February 17th; logistically this seems to work better for our members. The game is at 1:30 in the Amway Center, and good seats are about $20. More information about this event will be forthcoming in January.