TBS Education News November 2020

TBS Religious School is meeting regularly on Zoom and classes are going well. We certainly look forward to the day when we can be together again in our large group assemblies and when we can all enjoy our temple playground and campus.
Hopefully, we will begin to transition Hebrew tutoring sessions and small group classes to the campus this month.

Morah Arlene’s PreK and Kindergarten class is learning about Jewish holidays and biblical superheroes this year. Morah Arlene has great crafts ready for her little learners including making miniature torah scrolls in arks for Simchat Torah and bible character puppets. Oh, to be four (or five) years old again! Bring on the play dough and crayons! Do not worry if your hands or table is covered in glue—it’s fun to peel off! We love seeing our parents on Zoom helping their children with the crafts while running the technology to make this all happen. Thanks for all your efforts. Sunday school is certainly not the “drop off” morning it used to be!

This past month Morah Adina’s class followed the Jewish Holiday Treasure Trail, Morah Rochelle’s class learned about gratitude (hakarat hatov) and the Bnai Mitzvah class made yads to keep their minds and eyes focused. All our classes are doing a great job of managing online activities and posting art creations on our Religious School FaceBook page. Keep up the good work!

November brings us a full calendar of classes and preparations for Hanukah which begins on December 10th this year. Classes meet on November 1, 15, and 22. Wednesday Hebrew meets November 4, 11, 18.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. May your blessings be numerous, and your hearts be full of gratitude.

Mindy Lessem Pollack