November 2015 Scroll Article

President’s Message

I ran across a lovely prayer which I believe is apropos to our Sisterhood. In part, it reads as follows:

“Grant us the capacity to love, learn and be open to new ideas. Enable us to share with others both in heart and mind. Give us the strength and courage to accomplish the hopes, dreams and goals of our Sisterhood. Give us patience and understanding and instill in us knowledge and energy so that we may help others. Help guide us as we travel along our journeys. Help us to understand, lead and respect each other. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help others.”

I am thankful for our members who volunteered their time and resources this past month. Specifically, Ellen Deschatres who prepared and presided over an enlightening discussion group, Candid Conversations. Ellen, we look forward to the next session.

Bobbi Feiertag, our Program and Events Chair, has been busy planning some exciting events. On Sunday, December 6, 2015, I will host a Spanish Tapas. Come sample delicious small plate tapas delicacies. Seating is limited, so RSVP to Danna Sonnenberg soon (flyer is attached). On January 13, 2016 (yes, 2016!), Judith Levy will lead a tour of Ft. Pierce’s Art Mundo, following which we will dine at a local Thai restaurant.

We have so much more on the horizon that I believe you will find both fun and inspirational. We are always searching for new ideas so feel free to contact me at (513) 739-0521 or

Shelley Weltman
President, TBS Sisterhood