MLK Jr. Parade

Two ways to participate with Temple Beth Shalom

                in The Martin Luther King Jr. Parade


                  The theme for the Parade is:

          Stand For Something or Fall For Nothing,

                         Make That Change


Our “float” will feature the verse from Pirke Avot: Wisdom of our Sages  “The world stands on three things, Study, Worship and acts of Kindness.”

Marchers: IF you want to walk with the group in the Parade and hand out pomegranate puckers packets, or drop off marchers, meet: at 9:00 am at Charlie Fischman’s office parking lot, which is 1600 36th street just south of Atlantic Health Care Park. We will then walk as a group to the Parade line off of 37th street and meet the TBS Vehicle. At the end of the parade, you can arrange a pick up at Gifford Youth Activity Center (it will be crowded).  We can also carpool back to 36th street to pick up vehicles to get all of the parade walkers back from the Gifford Youth Activity Center.

For wavers (those who cannot/don’t want to walk in the parade but want to be present). You will meet at: Gifford Middle School which is on 45th street at 28th court (4530 28th court) at 9:30 am.  You will set up a site near the parking lot along the route to wave as the parade goes by.  After it has passed, you can follow to Gifford Youth Activity Center for festivities there, or go your own way.

Bring chairs, water, and wear proper clothes for the day. 

The parade lasts until about 11:30am.

We will be decorating banners after Services at the Oneg, on January 16th, for the TBS Vehicle and for people to hold