Mishkan T’Filah Order Form


Temple Beth Shalom

Prayer Book Dedication Order Form


For the first time since 1975 the Union of Reform Judaism has published a new official prayer book.  We have recently purchased 200 copies of the Mishkan T’filah.  To dedicate one of these beautiful prayer books in someone’s honor or memory please use this form and send it to the Temple office with $36 per dedication.  You may also dedicate a prayer book in appreciation of someone or to acknowledge an event.  Each dedication will be inscribed in a prayer book and a card will be sent to the recipient of the tribute.


Use this form for up to 3 dedication gifts.


This Prayer book is dedicated in honor of Jessica Daniel’s Bat Mitzvah by Steve and Linda Schoen.



This Prayer book is dedicated in memory of Edith Samuels by Lisa Cohen.


This Prayer book is dedicated in appreciation of Rabbi Krantz by David Parks.

First Gift


This Prayer book is dedicated:                                in Honor of                                 in Memory of                       □ in Appreciation of


Name(s): __________________________________________________________________________


Donated by (person’s name, committee, family, etc.):_______________________________________


A notification card should be sent to:


Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________


Street Address: _______________________________________________________________


City  _______________________________________  State  ______  Zip _________________