May 2016 scroll article

I read our Cantor’s letter to our congregation (email sent on 4/14/16) with such a heavy heart. I have known that she was engaged in this process for a while, but seeing her announce her impending departure in writing, made it too real. I am sad. Cantor Rubinstein has been an amazing colleague, compatriot and friend. She has given her tremendous light and love to our congregation. Just as I have said that I am so blessed by the way I have been able to grow, in energy, knowledge and vitality, as our congregation has grown, it has been a wonder to see that Cantor Rubinstein has had that same opportunity and success. We, our cantor and congregation have grown from strength to strength. We sing a wider range of music, we laugh with more gusto and find holiness and caring in simcha and tsuris. This is going to be a time of transition. We are losing a vital part of our congregation. Yet, with that loss is expansion as well. We are sending Cantor Rubinstein off onto her next great adventure full of our ruach and koach. Part of Temple Beth Shalom, this house of wholeness, completeness and peace, will be with her, just as she has left her mark on us. We wish her well as we make plans to send her off with our blessings and stay in contact with her, and then gather ourselves, to dream and do. Our little Shul in the Woods is still here. The light and energy will change, but as a community, with our passion and care, working together, filling life with holiness and meaning, we can continue to grow and flourish. It is not easy and it will be bittersweet. It is up to us to celebrate the sweetness and joy, even as, over the next couple of months, we say
goodbye to a good friend and special part of our temple life and family.

Rabbi Michael Birnholz