June 2016 scroll article

My presidential year is nearly at an end. My greatest regret is that I will no longer be writing these messages. This column has provided an outlet to express my deepest, innermost thoughts. I truly hope you have enjoyed reading them and that I have inspired you to reflect, to act with kindness, and love both yourself and others.
During the year 2015-16, Sisterhood has sponsored a total of 12 events. We’ve cruised down the river, toured art galleries, eaten meals together and even prayed together. We’ve held a rummage sale, a mahjongg tournament and even mini mahjongg tournaments, to name a few. Our volunteers have manned the gift shop, cleaned the kitchen, sponsored onegs, cooked, cleaned and sold mahjongg cards. But I believe that most importantly, we have welcomed new members. Not simply accepted new members, but actually welcomed them. New members are the lifeblood of our Sisterhood, and when we extend ourselves with kind words and smiles, our continued viability is assured.
This fiscal year, Sisterhood has raised over $15,000.00; a great deal of which has gone toward Temple projects. We have purchased tables and paid for the installation of paver stones. This money will paint the sanctuary, and the Temple grounds will have new landscaping. This could not have been possible without our volunteers; and for that, I thank you all.
I also thank my fellow Board members, Maxyne Trompeter, Sue Docktor, Susan Coren, Charlene David, Linda Culver, Bobbi Feiertag, Carol Resnick, Ellen Deschatres, Danna Sonnenberg, and Marilyn Meyers, who have taught me the meaning of patience, perseverance and forgiveness.
I leave you with these final words, recently provided by Rabbi Birnholz: “I wish you strength for today, and hope for tomorrow.”

Shelley Weltman
Sisterhood President 2015-16