June 2015 Simply Sisterhood

June, 2015



President’s Message:Two years as Sisterhood President have gone by in a flash! It has been an incredibly busy time but also abundantly rewarding. It has been a privilege to work with the women on our board. This past year Shelley Weltman was Vice President, Susan Coren Treasurer, Sue Docktor Recording Secretary, and Linda Culver Corresponding Secretary. Anita Weiss ran the gift shop, Janet Levenston published Simply Sisterhood, Bobbi Feiertag was Past President and membership, and Danna Sonnenberg handled hospitality. Cathy Berkowitz organized programming until her return to Raleigh in March. The dedication of each of these women to their designated positions and anything else that needed attention is beyond belief. There are also all of the program chairpersons and volunteers (women & men) who are unwavering in their willingness to go above and beyond. It is with a grateful heart that I thank them for their commitment to Sisterhood, for their willingness to take on various programs and events and insure their success. Also sincere thanks to all of our Sisterhood membership for your support because none of our accomplishments would be possible without you.

Janet Levenston, our Simply Sisterhood chairperson, concludes her year on the board. Thank you for expertly taking care of assembling and distributing our newsletter as well as the email blasts!

Anita Weiss has spent about six years on the Sisterhood board in various positions and leaves the board at the end of June. Anita’s accomplishments over these years are as numerous and varied as the positions she held! Anita could always be counted on for new ideas like the Women’s Seder and the Mah Jongg Tournament which are two highly successful and beloved programs. Anita’s most recent job has been gift shop chair these past two years and she has kept a steady flow of new merchandise for our community. Anita, we thank you for your involvement, your energy and your indefatigable commitment to Sisterhood and the board.

I wish my successor Shelley Weltman and her board all of the best. I look forward to continuing to assist and support Sisterhood and I sincerely hope that all of the women of Temple Beth Shalom will join me in this endeavor.

Charlene David, President

Thank you for your donation to Sisterhood

In Honor of:

Pat Feely in honor of Eileen Finestone’s 80th birthday

Get Well Wishes:

From Shelly and Bob Weltman for:

Cindy Goldman

Danna Sonenberg

Mort Brown


Sympathy to:

Rabbi Michael and Jill Birnholz on the loss of the Rabbi’s grandfataher,

Solomon Schneider

Get Well:

Cindy Goldman

Danna Sonnenberg



Starting July 1, a new Gift Shop Manager/Chairperson will take over.

Her name is Ellen Deschatres. Ellen has lots of new ideas and plans for the Sisterhood Gift Shop. I know that she’s going to give this position a great deal of her energy and creativity.

Please stop in and see what’s happening with Ellen in the Gift Shop and show her your support, as you did to me over the past 5 years. Thanks and see you in Schul!

Anita Weiss

Regular gift Shop hours are Thursday afternoons, Fridays after services, and Sunday mornings during religious school hours. You can contact Ellen at her home phone at 772-466-8706 or cell phone 772-618-3093 for an appointment at other times.


Every Thursday from 1-3 PM Sisterhood plays Mah Jongg. All are welcome! We even teach! See you in the temple social hall.


To put a message in the Kvelling Korner, contact the new Simply Sisterhood Editor, Marilyn Myers, by e-mail at marilynonmac@gmail.com, or call her cell phone number 216-210-4232. Your message will be published in the following issue.


For information on the Sisterhood Book Club contact Judy Levine at gibbiej@gmail.com or 772-299-6157.


Oneg Captains are needed for January and March, 2016 . What is an Oneg Captain? It is a woman who is willing to help fill the void of Oneg sponsors that may exist for “her” month. Or, in the event of a last minute emergency, check the TBS freezer for goodies to provide an Oneg for Friday evening. Both of these responsibilities rarely occur. Why are most Onegs sponsored? Bar/Bat Mitzvah families and religious school classes cover onegim and Trudie in the Temple Office mails a letter twice a year to all congregants requesting sponsors and instructions as reminders. Trudie also publishes any Oneg openings in the Scroll.

As you know, the responsibility of a sponsor is just to bring the goodies and beverages to the Temple. The sponsor neither needs to set up nor clean up. Sisterhood pays Lisa or Amy to set up and clean up.

IF YOU ARE WILLING TO VOLUNTEER FOR ONE OF THE LISTED MONTHS OR SELECT ANOTHER MORE CONVENIENT MONTH to trade with a current “captain”, please e-mail Sue Docktor at sdoctor@earthlink.net. Thank you.


Don’t forget to drop off your donations of household goods, costume or gold jewelry, bedding, small appliances, golf clubs, clocks, children’s games, books, silk flowers, dishes, glasses, wine buckets, etc. to the Sisterhood Rummage Sale held in February 2016. Clothing and shoes cannot be accepted. Small items may be dropped off at the TBS office during office hours. If you have larger items that need to be picked up, please contact Lynn and Ralph Oko at 772-794-0003. If you are moving, downsizing, upgrading or doing some housecleaning, please keep the Sisterhood Rummage Sale in mind.

Temple Beth Shalom is on Facebook! 

Be sure to check it out and friend TBS.

Janet Levenston

Simply Sisterhood Editor janetlevenston@comcast.net (Home) 772-564-0497 (Cell) 954-263-5722