June 2015 scroll article

   Two years as Sisterhood President have gone by in a flash! It has been an incredibly busy time, but also abundantly rewarding. It has been a privilege to work with the women on our board. This past year Shelley Weltman was Vice President, Susan Coren Treasurer, Sue Docktor Recording Secretary, and Linda Culver Corresponding Secretary. Anita Weiss ran the gift shop, Janet Levenston published Simply Sisterhood, Bobbi Feiertag was Past President and membership, and Danna Sonnenberg handled hospitality. Cathy Berkowitz organized programming until her return to Raleigh in March. The dedication of each of these women to their designated positions and anything else that needed attention is beyond belief.  There are also all of the program chairpersons and volunteers (women & men) who are unwavering in their willingness to go above and beyond. It is with a grateful heart that I thank them for their commitment to Sisterhood, for their willingness to take on various programs and events and insure their success. Also, sincere thanks to all of our Sisterhood membership for your support because none of our accomplishments would be  possible without you.


The luncheon at Grand Harbor on Sunday May 3, 2015 was enjoyed by over thirty women. Nominating chair, Bobbi Feiertag presented the 2014/2015 slate of officers to members present and was approved unanimously.

                    President – Shelley Weltman

             Vice President – Maxyne Trompeter

                      Treasurer – Susan Coren

              Recording Secretary – Sue Docktor

         Corresponding Secretary – Linda Culver


       I wish my successor Shelley Weltman, and her board all of the best. I look forward to continuing to assist and support Sisterhood, and I sincerely hope that all of the women of Temple Beth Shalom will join me in this endeavor.



  Charlene David