July/August 2016 scroll article

This is a Scroll of transition.  In this edition, we have articles from the incoming President, our departing Cantor, our High Holy Day Cantor (returning after a number of years), and new Sisterhood and Men’s Club Presidents. We have announcements for yahrzeits, birthdays and anniversaries.  There are announcements for programs two months in advance and then you won’t have a Scroll until September.  My article is different as well.  Not only because of the changes in people writing in the Scroll, but because summer does have a different rhythm at the Temple and in Vero Beach.  There is no school and we have fewer people around as we all travel.  It is important to understand, embrace and look for ways to sustain our energy and motion, so that we are still moving forward with the right momentum to carry us into our High Holy Day preparations in August and September.  Shabbat is one of those keys.  Friday nights will be different as we have our Volunteer Song Leaders joining me in place of Cantor Rubinstein.  She has trained all of us well.  It won’t be the same, but her presence and energy will inspire us and motivate us to carry her joy, ruach and koach.

Saturday mornings will be a time for Shabbat prayer and reflection.  Conservative Shabbat Morning services on July 2, 16, and 30, as well as August 11 and 27, will give us a chance to daven and reflect, hear the reading of Torah and study together. We will also have a cycle of Shabbat at the Shore on July 9 and August 6.  These services help us carry our worship outside the building where we can experience Shabbat with all of our senses.  It is not just a relaxed prayer service to capitalize on the beautiful locale. It is combined with  creative study with a different approach to Torah, and our values. Help keep the energy
 Be part of the minyan, sharing prayers of peace, eating tasty treats and creating the sense of holiness and community that is so
important in our lives and our world.


Rabbi Michael Birnholz