July/August 2016 scroll article

It is quite an honor to be your president for the coming year. I hope to be able to fill the shoes of our Past President, Shelly Weltman.
We have a new board consisting of past members as well as new members. Our hope for this year is to present programs that will not only educate and raise money, but will be fun as well.
One of my goals as President is to promote better communication, not only within Sisterhood, but throughout our Temple community and our community at large. With compassion and respect of one another, we will be able to promote a force that will not be able to be reckoned with.
Our end of the year donor luncheon started with a program of laughter and smiles. I would like to begin this year by paraphrasing a few lines from that program.
“A smile costs nothing, but gives much to everyone that you touch.
Smiling is infectious, so pass it along. The happiness it brings is worth so much.”

Keep smiling,
Deborah Segal