Hear Bea Gardner

Bea Gardner
Hear her entertaining talk on
Sunday, February 21, 2020 at 2:pm
our Social Center the Styer Center
at 2:00pm
All Welcome

Bea Gardner

No matter your present age. I am sure you will find the lives of the 70 year olds in this book to be heartwarming and interesting. If you are not yet in your 70’s you might find yourself looking forward to becoming a septuagenarian or perhaps you just want I sneak preview of what you can look forward to.

Hundreds of interviews and countless hours of research were compiled during the course of writing this book. I’m sure you will enjoy each chapter in this book as much as I did in writing about this wonderful milestone in my life and the lives of others.Like Grandma Moses. Gardner got her start writing late in life while writing her popular Blog called Beaisms. Prior to her blog, her painting and sculpting classes led Bea to a very successful career as an Interior Designer. Bea still defines herself as an Interior Designer and writing as her hobby. She began formulating: Bring it on… Were In Our 70’s after moving back to Ohio during her years as caregiver for her husband.