February 2015 Scroll Article

Our Sisterhood Shabbat under the leadership of Lynda Rosemark and Joanne Maury and with the guidance of Cantor Dannah Rubinstein was a resounding success. Participants included Lynda Rosemark, Charlene David, Shelley Weltman, Anita Weiss, Danna Sonnenberg, Joan Foster, Cindy Goldman, Bobbi Feiertag, Ellen Deschatres, Sue Docktor, Cookie Compton, Evelyn Blank, Joanne Maury, Cathy Berkowitz and Helen Solin.  Six Jewish American pioneer women were portrayed quite convincingly. These women were unknown to most of us at the start of Shabbat service but at the conclusion we had a most interesting glimpse into their lives. Anna Solomon-“We sold everything we possessed except our three children.” (to travel west) Rachel Caloff-“Each family was to keep its chickens under its bed and the ends and sides were closed off to form a cage.”  Betty Spiegelberg- “ By Gingo! What a beautiful woman in these wartimes. A fellow might be tempted to kidnap her.” Fanny Brooks and family were the first Jewish family to settle in Utah. Sarah Thal- “…when the cream separator came into common use I felt that the pioneer’s days were gone and that the land was tamed forever.” Anna Marks- “Finally she pulled her gun on Pat. He went flying and so did the bullets. He wasn’t hit but she sure made the bark fly. From then on no one crossed Anna Marks.”  The participants truly engaged and educated the congregation during this memorable Shabbat service.

February’s program with Cheryl Temkin, a speaker from Women of the Wall has been postponed. Women of the Wall, or in its more familiar abbreviation, WOW,  is a group of mostly religiously observant women who believe that women should be allowed to pray as a group at theKotel (Western Wall), read from a Torah scroll and wear tallit. Once a month on Rosh Hodesh, WOW members come together to form aminyan and pray at the Kotel. They complete the shacharit service and Hallel in front of the Wall and then move to a nearby archaeological area in order to read Torah and conclude the service. This has been a controversial issue which merits our attention and our individual opinions.

This month we all gear up for our annual Sisterhood Rummage Sale under the adept leadership of Lynn and Ralph Oko who have been busy all year long with collections to ensure a lucrative rummage sale. This event also includes our very successful Jewelry Sale. With Natalie Feldman at the helm and the dedicated assistance of Evelyn and Ron Blank it is sure to be a huge success. They have spent much time cleaning, repairing and organizing the various treasures that will be on display. There is still time to donate to the jewelry sale and the rummage sale. The week prior to the Rummage Sale always requires a large number of volunteers to get the sorting, pricing and arranging completed and is followed by the actual event which is another whirlwind of activity. Ralph Oko says it best when he describes the volunteers of rummage sale as ‘…links on a bicycle chain…every link is needed to make it work!’ This is a great time to clear out clutter and donate to the rummage sale. Your discarded items are someone’s treasure. You can drop off at the bayit or call Ralph for pick up at 954 557-6226.

If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to direct them to me.

Charlene David