December 2015 Scroll Article

President’s Message

I recently learned that many of our Sisterhood members are active in Temple Beth Shalom’s Caring Community. These members help foster a warm, connected and caring environment by reaching out with comfort during times of illness, bereavement or even with a little TLC . The Community delivers food during the holidays and visits assisted living facilities. These efforts enrich the lives of others by helping them connect them with our community. These acts of chesed, or loving kindness, help translate our Jewish ideals into reality. As it is stated, we shall do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.

With this value in mind, I believe that volunteering in the work of building a caring community helps our sisterhood become connected and strengthens our bonds through a meaningful contribution of time and effort. I encourage you to contact the office if you are interested in participating in this valuable opportunity to help others.

Sisterhood has some events planned in January 2016, which I believe you will find inspirational, educational and just plain fun. On January 13th, Chair Judith Sharpe-Levy will lead a tour of Art Mundo in Ft. Pierce, followed by dinner at the Thai Pepper. RSVP to Judith at (772) 409-4490 or Feel free to attend the tour, the dinner, or both! Chair Joanne Maury and her committee have been busy planning Sisterhood Shabbat which takes place on January 29th . You won’t want to miss the enriching service or the delicious Oneg prepared by the Sisterhood.

Toda to Ruth Brown, Charlene David and Susan Coren for earning Sisterhood a commission of $593.00 for the sale of 2015 mahjongg cards! The gals are geared up and ready for the 2016 sale to begin. Send Ruth a check payable to TBS Sisterhood ($8.00 for a small or $9.00 for a large card). Include your name, telephone number and address and in May 2016, your new card will arrive directly from the Mahjongg League. If you have purchased cards from a TBS captain in your neighborhood, feel free to do so again.

I thank all our Sisterhood volunteers even if they are not specifically mentioned. It really does take our combined contribution of time, effort and loving kindness to keep our Sisterhood vibrant and strong.

Shelley Weltman
Sisterhood President