Communities together for the 9th of Av

Join us as we come together to observe this day of Lament and Healing.   We gather at 7pm Eastern on Zoom to observe the 9th Av. Contact our Temple Beth Shalom Office (772-569-4700) or your congregation for log in information


Rabbi Michael Birnholz Breaking together, and bringing together                                                                                 

Beth Shalom Vero Beach, FL 


Rabbi Erica Asch  The experience of the Book of Lamentations

Beth El Augusta, ME 


Rabbi Courtney Berman  “For These I Weep: A Theology of Lament” 

Beth El Ormond Beach, FL


Rabbi Estelle Mills 9 Av lots of tragedy and at least one hope

Congregation Beth Jacob 


Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar  Lamentations through a literary lens

Beth Israel Macon, GA 


Rabbi Robin Nafshi Tisha b’Av through Modern Poetry 

Beth Jacob Concord , NH