April 2020 Scroll

Whew! What an amazing Purim celebration we had here at Temple Beth Shalom last month. Our students showed up in an array of costumes and ready to enjoy the day. We baked hamantaschen thanks to the dough provided to us so generously by Lora Stein and the extra help of Michele Livingston, Rabbi Birnholz and Sandy Oswald. Students ran around our campus on a scavenger hunt collecting Purim character puppets and then enjoyed a megillah script reading with Cantor Kheel. Following that we all played games and devoured a yummy pizza lunch. Thank you to Jenna and Jeremy Schwibner for sponsoring the bounce house and to all our volunteers who helped with baking and the rest of the program. Thanks to Mauri Waldman who graciously took charge of our mask making craft table. Special shout out to our youth group friends, Emily Jacobs, Leah Perez, Remi Heyer, Sam Moss, and Eli Perez who monitored the games and to our teachers, Adina Birnholz, Kathy Nystrom, Arlene Sluchak and Rochelle Gale who always give their best efforts to make our time at religious school fun and enjoyable. Purim is always a fun celebration!

As we welcome in April, we prepare for Passover at home with our families and friends.

Sunday School and Hebrew School are cancelled at least until the end of April.  More information will be available as we go along.


Mindy Lessem Pollack,  Education Director