Sisterhood January 2021 Scroll article

This year is finally coming to an end. This Sisterhood Board has been challenged. We are walking in uncharted territory, just as is the Temple. Being cooped up without physical contact with our friends and relatives has been rough. We Jews are used to hugging. A kiss on the cheek or a hand shake are normal to us. If we have a significant other, being together 24, 7, is not normal.
The new year is looking a little brighter. It may not be for another 6 months, but we will be able to come together to celebrate. Zoom has been a phenomenon to me. I had not really been part of that technology until this shutdown. It has worked beautifully for the temple and our sisterhood and we have been able continue some of our programming, although not as elaborately as in prior years.
I hope you have been able to celebrate Chanukah in a fun way. Our Oven Fried Latke presentation seemed to be a hit and hopefully brought the spirit of Chanukah to everyone.
We are all looking forward to this year. 2021 will be better.
Hoping to see you all soon, in person, at the Temple.
Until then, be well, stay safe.

Cookie Compton, President