July/August 2016 scroll article

Ah, the summer break! While our students are enjoying a much needed respite from school, I am working twice as hard preparing for the new school year yet to come! But it’s nice to have some time to reflect, evaluate and plan without interruption. I look forward to having this time to read about and explore what other congregations are doing in their schools, to study modern innovations in education and to browse the internet looking at new materials and getting ideas of how to continuously improve what we do here in Vero Beach.
The upcoming school year will be an interesting mix of smaller classes in our younger grades, and a larger group of teens who are eligible to participate in our youth group programs and attend out of town NFTY functions. This is truly an exciting time for them and a change in focus for our school.
Our Religious School must meet the needs of our youth by providing varying opportunities for them to learn, formally and informally. It is important that we partner with parents to ensure that their TBS education does not end with B’nai Mitzvah, but that it continues as they grow and develop into young adults. We welcome and encourage our youths to be active participants with our congregation in all aspects of Temple life.
At the same time, we must offer our students educational opportunities so they gain the knowledge and the confidence to respond to Anti-Semitism. Our students need to know how to interpret and respond to current events in Israel, the U.S. and worldwide. Our students must be confident in their own Jewish identity as they mature and meet new people in new places.
So, yes, this summer I will be working on curriculum for our primary school-age children, but also putting a lot of thought and effort into planning programs for our young teens and high school students. Because learning cannot end with the last note of the Hora at the B’nai Mitzvah party.

Registration forms for the 2016-2017 school year will be sent out in July by email to our Religious School families. Please print and return them by August 10 with your tuition payments. Thank you for making this process easy for all.
Mark your calendars:the first day of Religious School is scheduled for Sunday, August 28.

Submitted by Mindy Lessem Pollack