June 2016 scroll article

Reflecting on my past three years as TBS President, I write my final Scroll article with mixed emotions.  It has truly been an honor to serve in this capacity.  I sincerely thank those board members who have supported and encouraged me during my tenure.  I thank Rabbi Michael, Cantor Dannah, the congregation and especially my wife, Charlene.

We have accomplished a great deal with the help of Sisterhood and project specific donors.  However, there is a problem that must be addressed.  Even after cost cutting measures, a recent financial review shows a serious deficit in the TBS operating budget, or to put it another way, we can just pay our bills.  The good news is that we have congregants who still have a balance on their dues or High Holiday pledge for 2015/2016 that if collected would remedy this situation in the short term.  Dues equal Support for Temple Beth Shalom.  Support means TBS can pay its bills and continue to be a presence in Vero Beach, providing religious education, congregational worship, life cycle events and so much more.  Another painful reality is that under these current circumstances, a cantor in any capacity is a luxury that may be beyond our means.  The situation is dire.

It is not enough to think, 'I pay for the services I use' because the only way to maintain TBS, is to support it, and my emphasis is on the financial support. A temple President from a Nashville, TN temple stated: "There comes a time in the history of an institution, when those who love it, those who depend upon it, and yes, those who only occasionally use it, must face the facts of its needs and provide for them."

TBS is depending on your financial support to insure not only our future, but our present.

                                                                               Neal David,