May 2016 scroll article

In July 1, 2013, I assumed my current position as President of Temple Beth Shalom after serving on the board since 2010. And yes, I am approaching the end of my third and final year! My intention has been to serve our congregation and to be a unifying force on the board. Some goals have been achieved while others have been met with resistance but I have persevered and I am happy to report that thanks to the generosity of individual donors, Sisterhood, and the Religious School, many projects have been successfully completed.

Sanctuary doors (purchased prior to my first year) were installed after hardware was purchased
Etching on glass of sanctuary doors
New pavers leading to the sanctuary doors
Interior sanctuary revitalization that includes wood trim, painting
Weekly update format changed as well as method of distribution with Constant Contact
New playground and new fence
New school roof
Solar panels installed
Rear wall of school building repaired
Bulging wall in social hall replaced (top third of south wall)
Mishkan Tefilah prayer books
Siddur projection in sanctuary
Mishkan HaNefesh High Holy Day prayer books
Multiple air conditioners replaced
Phones and phone system replaced
New tables in social hall
Developed new TBS website
Acquired TBS domain name
New e-mail system installed
Completion of walkway to sanctuary
Exterior painting of sanctuary

Anything that involves a cost to TBS also entails tremendous challenges because our Temple dues do not cover our budget let alone the extra projects that maintain and improve our campus. I thank Everyone for all of the ways these projects have been supported whether it was financial, volunteer assistance or your encouragement to get it done.