March 2016 scroll article

Passover is rapidly approaching, and this year the Community Seder will be held on Saturday April 23rd at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. The generosity of an anonymous donor has helped to defray some of the cost. Sisterhood (Shelley Weltman and Linda Culver) worked tirelessly to locate a venue with both date availability and interest in our Pesach menu. Nanette Moody, the Convention Services Coordinator, worked hand in hand with Sisterhood. I encourage everyone to make reservations early. Bring your family and friends, and join Rabbi Michael and Cantor Dannah as we enjoy a festive participatory seder accompanied by familiar Passover melodies. Contact Trudie @ 772 569-4700 ext 201 to make your reservation or look for the flyer in the Scroll, bayit or social hall.

The Passover Seder reminds us of our ancestor's journey down into Egypt, our enslavement there and our eventual flight to freedom. In Jewish tradition, because of the centrality of this story, we are not simply to remember these events, but to recount them as if we ourselves had experienced them. Our community seder is an opportunity to share this tradition with our TBS friends and family. Come- be part of Temple Beth Shalom’s second night Passover seder tradition!

Neal David,