November 2015 scroll article

Beware the barrenness of a busy life”, Socrates Seven simple words uttered in warning during the 5th century are equally relevant in the 21st century! Our days and nights are filled with activity! For many, there is a frantic need to constantly be engaged in something, to do more, to acquire more and to be more successful. But where is the success if we are so busy making a living that we do not have a life? For many, work dominates our day and evening followed by a long list of other responsibilities. Our schedules are so full and many of these commitments are important. This is not a suggestion to abandon all activities, but a proposal to be more mindful of our choices. It is all too easy to lose sight of the important values of life. Leisure, personal and family time need to be priorities. Release from the stress and tension of our busy life is within our grasp. On occasion (or regularly) attending Shabbat services may be a way to unwind from the difficulties of the week, to renew and refresh ourselves and to connect with this journey of life. When Rabbi Birnholz exhorts the congregation to ‘close their eyes and take a deep breath…’ at the start of Shabbat service, there is a palpable departure of tension and stress as Rabbi’s tranquil prologue ensues. Come and experience it for yourself.

Neal David, President