October 2015 scroll article

I would like to thank the Rabbi and Cantor for our new Mishkan Hanefesh service for the High Holidays. It required a tremendous amount of time and effort to familiarize and organize such meaningful services. Also many thanks to Sisterhood for an abundant & delicious Break Fast, and for all of the work involved. Thank you to Einstein Bagels for their very generous donation to the Break Fast. The High Holidays are over and you are reading this in October, but there is still an opportunity to make your High Holiday pledge. I thank those members who have already made their pledge and direct this to those who were not with us during my Yom Kippur appeal. Consider a financial pledge an Investment in TBS. Our goals are to insure a strong Jewish community, with Jewish values and knowledge. Is it a worthwhile investment? I certainly believe it is. Come to Shabbat services and you will feel it is worthwhile. Listen to your child chant a prayer and you will feel it is worthwhile. Have the Rabbi conduct a memorial service or funeral, and you will be sure it is worthwhile. Listen to our Cantor lead us in song and feel connected to your soul- it is worthwhile. Feel the reverence as you stand on the Bimah and you will believe it is all worthwhile. The reward of your investment in TBS, is the feeling you get in your heart, the pride, the tears in your eyes, the lump in your throat, the Joy being part of this synagogue brings to you. Temple Beth Shalom is a promise to All Jewish people for continuity and permanence. Only your Generous pledge makes it possible. Other than our membership dues which only cover a portion of what is required to run TBS, our greatest additional support comes from this Yom Kippur appeal.

Neal David, President